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Tyler C. Gore is a writer and a graphic designer.

About Me

Design Planner


For your convenience, I've prepared a form that can help you plan the design of your project.

You can use this form to help me understand your thoughts about a project we are working on together, or simply to clarify your own thoughts about the project. Fill out as much or little of the form as you feel is necessary.

You will notice checkboxes along side many of the areas in the form. These are merely suggestions to help you articulate your thoughts. Check as many or few as fit your description of the project.

The "send a file" feature on my contact form can be useful for sending me a completed design planning form.

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MS Word Doc design_planner.doc (MS Word). This version has form fields you can fill in using Microsoft Word.

Adobe PDF design_planner.pdf (Adobe PDF) This version can be viewed and printed from Adobe Acrobat Reader.