A selection of my written work. As time allows, I'll be adding more pieces to this section.

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personal essay


In which the author relates his family's harrowing addiction to physical objects, cats, and paperware.

First appeared in Literal Latté, cited in Best American Essays and nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

They planned a trip to New Orleans as a reconciliation. But it never stopped raining.

Won a Literal Latté Travel Writing Award, and first appeared in that journal.

personal essay


What kind of neighbor are you? If you're like the author, probably a bad one.

First appeared in Me Three.

personal essay

October's Rain

The author's sad, sad recollection of a rainy day, a broken umbrella, a song, a poem, a painting, and a cafe.

First appeared in Rosebud, cited in Best American Essays.



“My son will not spring full-grown from my head, but instead, I am fashioning him from easy-to-find household items....”

First appeared in Literal Latté.

personal essay

A Day at the Beach

The author's hair-raising account of nude beaches, deranged crustaceans, yoga practitioners, and public urination.

First appeared in Literal Latté, cited in Best American Essays.

personal essay

Jury Duty

“I knew it was mistake to vote. There's something
un-American about voting, after all....”

First appeared in Literal Latté online, and nominated for Best of the Web.